Moto Guzzi rolled out a new version of the very popular V85 TT adventure bike at EICMA.  The V85 TT Travel is Moto Guzzi’s idea of an adventure machine that is ready to travel at the time of delivery.

The Italian manufacturer says that they listened to riders who wanted a V85 TT  version that comes standard with a selection of “essential adventure touring accessories”.

The V85 TT Travel comes standard with equipment and accessories that are already in the Moto Guzzi catalog.  So upon delivery, the new model comes with a higher touring windshield that offers greater protection.  The new shield’s surface area is 60% larger than the original one it replaces.

In addition, the bike comes with two “plastic material” panniers with aluminum inserts.  The right side pannier has a 37-liter capacity and is able to hold a full-face helmet.  The left side pannier is somewhat smaller and has a 27-liter capacity.  Both panniers lock and unlock with the same key.  Moto Guzzi wanted to keep the V85 TT Travel’s profile as narrow as possible.  As a result, the panniers’ overall width is limited to 928 mm (36.5 inches).

The V85 TT Travel also comes with heated grips which can be controlled using the machine’s original left-hand switch block.  To make sure your course is well lighted Moto Guzzi has added a pair of additional LED lights.

Additional technology is also a part of the package with the inclusion of Moto Guzzi MIA.  It allows the rider to connect a smartphone extending its functions to the instrument display.

To make sure the V85 TT Travel stands out from other Moto Guzzi models, the V85 TT Travel sports an exclusive

30ton Hydraulic Electric Oil Cylinder

Moto Guzzi is quick to point out that the V85 TT Travel uses that V85 TT platform and that other V85 TT specifications that riders like about that machine are also included in the Travel version.  Moto Guzzi says that means the Travel version retains a range of about 250 miles and a seat height of 32.6 inches.

Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Ram, Hydraulic Power Unit - Yongxiang,