Ask the Builder | Properly installed concrete deck piers can rise above soil level – Entertainment & Life – The Columbus Dispatch

Q: I’m concerned about the concrete deck base that is fully above ground at my new home. The other decks in our development have the concrete piers below ground. Shouldn’t the concrete be completely buried to protect against freezing and cracking in the winter months? What do you think are the best concrete deck foundation details? — Jeff K., Falling Waters, W.Va. A: I can understand the concern. It’s not far-fetched to worry that your deck foundation piers are wrong when they are the only ones that look like it in the neighborhood. But think about this: Is it possible that your carpenter was the only good one in the development, and the others were ill-informed? You bet it’s possible. The photos sent to me show that the builder or carpenter got everything right as far as what is supposed to happen above ground. It would take less than an hour with a round point shovel to determine whether the deck pier extends below the frost level and has a wider concrete footing that the circular deck pier rests on. Let’s discuss deterioration concerns first. Concrete is an artificial, man-made rock. If it is mixed and installed properly for the local weather conditions, it can last for hundr...

WATCH: Refs screw Minnesota, allow PSU to score TD instead of delay of game penalty

Minnesota was up by 12 points with under four minutes remaining when Penn State should have been hit with a delay of game penalty in the red zone. Instead, the refs completely missed the obvious infraction, allowing the Nittany Lions to score a free touchdown. This is maddening. This play was run seconds after the clock struck zeroes. How the refs missed such an obvious delay of game is something that demands an explanation. Now, we’re not saying Penn State wouldn’t have scored, but a delay of game penalty would have pushed the offense back five yards and created a completely different scenario on a key third down late in the game. Expansion Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Double End Bolt, Strength Bolt – Ji Luo Fastener,