Tesla’s claim to have million-mile batteries has been dismissed by critics, but latest research suggests Tesla is already there. Million mile battery life has huge implications for electric robo-taxis, semi trucks and grid storage. The breakthrough to truly long-life lithium batteries appears to be precision control of cathode powder crystal structure and coatings. Long-life, high-density, powerful batteries will open up Tesla’s future promise – and invite competitors – across vehicle and energy markets. 4 Colors Silk Screen Printing Machine The challenge for Tesla and others will be making these batteries at low cost and without cobalt. There is one interesting, small company helping the big players do just that. Electric car and energy storage maker Tesla (TSLA) announced back in April that it would soon have million mile car batteries. This like many Tesla claims was met with skepticism by some Screen Printing Machine, Screen Printer, Automatic Screen Printing Machine – Kin Wah,https://www.kinwah-group.com/