VQ, the latest series of end mills from Mitsubishi Materials has been further expanded to include an innovative new six-flute, conical taper barrel type.

This latest addition has been specially designed for high efficiency finish machining of titanium alloy blades and for milling other materials from mild steel through to aluminium alloys.

The ability to outperform standard ball nose end mills is provided by the large conical taper barrel form that blends seamlessly with the nose radius. This larger tangential radius permits a much greater overlap and therefore greatly reduces the number of passes required to cover the surface area of the material being machined. The larger overlap also leads to significant improvements in the surface finish. Additionally, the six-flute geometry permits greater feeds and promotes further savings in machining time.

When compared to ball nose end mills, the conical taper form with the much larger area of contact with the workpiece during barrel milling could lead to chatter and vibration, but this concern is negated by the irregular pitch geometry of the flutes. The radial accuracy of ±0.01mm for the end (RE1) and barrel radii (RE2) are also key factors in maintaining consistent geometrical accuracy of the finished component. Furthermore, the six flutes are reduced to three flutes to widen the area at the nose radius to promote improved chip evacuation. This end geometry is ideal for root form machining.

VQ solid carbide end mills have been treated with an innovative (Al, Cr)N group MIRACLE SIGMA based coating which delivers substantially improved wear resistance. The surface of the coating has been given a smoothening treatment resulting in better machined surfaces, reduced cutting resistance and an increased chip discharge capacity. The extreme heat and oxidation resistance and lower coefficient of friction of the new coating means this next generation of end mills can maximise performance and help prevent tool wear even under the harshest of cutting conditions when machining difficult to cut materials.

corner radius end mill

Four sizes are available, Ø8, two Ø10s and a Ø12. They have an end radii (RE1) of 2mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm respectively and a barrel radii (RE2) of 75mm, 85mm, 75mm and 100mm respectively.

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