Story by Danielle Wiener-Bronner, CNN BusinessVideo by Zach Wasser & Bronte Lord, CNN BusinessPhotographs by Christie Hemm Klok for CNN

If you turn off Highway 1 at just the right spot in Moss Landing, California, past fruit stands, roadside cafes and artichoke farms, you may catch a sudden whiff of bacon. It's surprising, because this exit leads to the headquarters of the vegetarian meal company Sweet Earth, where bacon — at least the kind made from pigs — is absolutely not on the menu.

When the biggest food and meat companies in the world are launching plant-based meat products, that will do more to mainstream plant-based meats and to make the pie significantly bigger than probably anything else."

When we look back and look [at] what were the steps that preceded this, there were quite a few. Including vegetables becoming really sexy and interesting."

It was pretty clear to me as you'd talk to young people, saw their behaviors and you saw the menus change, that there was a desire for delicious and nutritious food that was plant-based."

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