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Two ringleaders of an ugly protest that led to scuffles in Glasgow have been suspended by the SNP - who have been left embarrassed by a photo of one with leader Nicola Sturgeon.

James Scott of the hardline 'Scottish Resistance' and Piers Doughty-Brown have repeatedly targeted Labour politicians at public engagements.

The SNP was forced to take action hours after Nicola Sturgeon insisted those involved in the aggressive scenes on Monday lunchtime 'weren't acting on behalf of the SNP'. 

A Nationalist MSP, Sandra White, had even claimed there were no party members involved in the protest that forced Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and comedian Eddie Izzard to flee in a getaway car.

But the party faces new questions about their links with the gang - some known as the 'Scottish Resistance' - as a new picture showed a smiling Nicola Sturgeon posing with Piers Doughty-Brown.

Piers Doughty-Brown (left) screams at JIm Murphy in Glasgow two days ago, and pictured right with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

James Scott (right) - of the hard-line separatist movement 'The Scottish Resistance' - was pictured protesting against the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Glasgow today after after being suspended from the SNP over his role in yesterday's attacks on Jim Murphy

Two young children were left in tears at the rally, and their mother has told the Scottish Daily Mail they are still traumatised by what they saw.

Emma Busby revealed that her children, Harry, 4, and Leah, 8, had been looking forward to meeting Izzard because he provides the voice for one of the main characters in their favourite film, the animated smash hit Cars 2.

At the event in St Enoch Square, shouts of 'traitor', 'Judas' and 'warmongering scum' were screamed by protestors and a photographer and TV reporter were pushed over.

The scenes were reminiscent of last year's referendum, when Mr Murphy was repeatedly targeted by pro-independence campaigners.

The mob, around 20-strong at one point, was led by hard-left anti-austerity activist Sean Clerkin, who is not a member of the SNP – although he has stood for them in the past. 

A mob of pro-independence supporters, led by the left-wing activist Sean Clerkin (right) confronted Labour leader Jim Murphy in Glasgow yesterday

Mr Murphy leader condemned 'the ugly face of aggressive nationalism' after being confronted by protesters eventually forcing him to flee

Scuffles broke out at the Labour campaign event with comedian Eddie Izzard (right) as nationalist protesters brought ugly scenes to the streets of Glasgow

An SNP spokesman said: 'Mr Doughty-Brown has been placed under administrative suspension from the SNP, as was James Scott. The SNP will always act on these matters - unlike Labour, who have still taken no action against senior Labour activist Ian Smart for his vile tweets.

Jim Murphy, in Dundee ahead of the independence referendum, was attacked by supporters throughout his campaign

Jim Murphy was elected Scottish Labour leader last December after winning widespread praise for his campaign to keep Scotland in the Union.

During the referendum campaign he embarked on a tour of 100 towns and cities over 100 days, standing on upturned Irn-Bru crates on street corners in a bid to persuade Scots to vote No.

But the events were swiftly hijacked by separatists. Mr Murphy was egged by a protester at one event, branded a traitor and even a war criminal.

He was forced to abandon the tour at one point when the nationalist anger stopped him from even being able to address the public.

'As Nicola Sturgeon has said, this is a fantastic election campaign, and we should all be out there putting forward positive messages and engaging constructively with the people of Scotland.'

Labour activist Mr Smart, who is not standing as a candidate, has been accused of describing the SNP as 'fascist scum'.

On Monday, the Mail spotted the ringleaders of the protest ahead of the visit in a nearby branch of Costa Coffee. They then erected a giant 'Red Tories Out' banner and started chanting the slogan, as around 30 Labour activists gathered in St Enoch Square to attend the event.

As Mr Murphy and Izzard walked towards the crowd, protesters ran to confront the Labour leader and rammed cardboard placards directly in his face. Several Labour aides rushed to protect the former Scottish Secretary, physically dragging the protesters away.

Two people shouted through loudhailers, and a protester on a bike fitted with music speakers blared out loud music.

Amid the commotion, eight-year-old Leah Busby and four-year-old Harry Busby were helped from the scrum, clearly distraught.

Their 26-year-old mother Emma, who works as constituency secretary for Airdrie and Shotts Labour MP Pamela Nash and is her election agent, told the Mail yesterday: 'The kids love Cars 2, so I asked them if they would like to go see Sir Axlerod [voiced by Izzard] with mummy and they were really excited.

'The kids were holding placards and there was a bit of a buzz. The kids didn't see the scuffle but when Jim and Eddie got to the platform, everyone pressed up against us and it got very tight.

'It got very, very noisy, very quickly. Leah was really upset and I couldn't move and get them out of there. I was a bit intimated by how loud it was and how cramped it was, there were people shouting 'Red Tories Out' right over my shoulder.'

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, left, and Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy campaigned together in Glasgow today

Former Labour leader Mr Brown and Mr Murphy met supporters after giving speeches at the Light House in Glasgow today

Mrs Busby said it took a long time to calm her children down, and Leah was still upset yesterday morning.

'It was so unnecessarily intimidating. I thought it was going to be such a fun thing I could share with my kids, but it just turned ugly.'

Speaking on the BBC Two Jeremy Vine show, SNP leader Miss Sturgeon the protest was 'nothing to do with the SNP'.

'Incidentally, the ringleader of the protest against Jim Murphy yesterday has, on three separate occasions, disrupted constituency surgeries of mine.

'So the idea this has got something to do with the SNP is just wrong. We should have civilised debates.'

But Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said: 'Nicola Sturgeon said the appalling scenes on the streets of Glasgow were nothing to do with the SNP, yet [now] she has suspended the SNP member who led the disruption. What happened was the ugly face of nationalism.'

Mr Doughty-Brown told the Mail on Monday the event had been designed to expose a politician who has lied, lied and lied'. Mr Scott, leader of 'Scottish Resistance', said at the time: 'We were set up to get freedom for Scotland. The British imperialism doesn't work.'

Meeting Sean Clerkin met with Alex Salmond ahead of the 2011 Scottish election - but he denies he has any formal link with the SNP

Serial protester Sean Clerkin has built a reputation for heckling Labour politicians on the campaign trail.

In one famous protest he chased Labour's Scottish leadership into a Subway sandwich shop and forced them to flee a campaign event in taxis.

Most recently Jim Murphy has been his key target and today the 53-year-old, a former SNP member and now an anti-austerity campaigner, squared up to the Scottish Labour leader and began screaming in his face.

Labour called it SNP dirty tricks but Nicola Sturgeon's party deny that Mr Clerkin has anything to do with them and he also says he is not a party member.

Mr Murphy has previously described Clerkin as 'some guy that likes shouting at folk ... a bit like in the playground in primary school'.

The 53-year-old denies he is a SNP supporter and claims he has not been a member for eight years, but Labour claim he is working for them. 

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In one infamous protest he once forced former Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray to seek refuge in a Glasgow sandwich shop.

The incident is credited with helping Alex Salmond's SNP winning a landslide victory in 2011. Mr Salmond met him before the vote to persuade him not to protest at one of his events, which led to opponents claiming the SNP had tried to 'buy off' the super-protester. 

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