Soaking up rays at the beach would be so wonderful if it weren’t for just one thing: sand getting absolutely everywhere. By the time you get home, all your belongings and even some parts of your body can get downright gritty.

But Tesalate, an Australian company, has invented a towel that will not only keep you sand free, but also looking good.

“After hauling our big heavy beach towels all day we started questioning why there is no towel that we know of that looks good and is functional,” it says on the Tesalate website.

Common beach towels use looped fibers that trap and carry sand wherever you go. The company’s patented, smooth microfiber fabrics made out of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide make sliding off sand at the end of your beach day a breeze.

Tesalate also touts that its towels are lightweight and super absorbent. Each towel can soak up to one liter (about one quart) of liquid -- so feel free to swim to your heart’s content.

Of course, if you’re worried about it staying soggy like other microfibers out there, Tesalate claims that its towels dry in half the time than a regular towel. It also rolls up and fits easily in your beach bag.

And design is not sacrificed in lieu of all these high tech features. Tesalate towels come in a variety of bold and beautiful prints.

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