With a school-holiday road trip comes the threat of car-sickness. For a brief period in automotive history, as cars became less dreadful and had bigger glasshouses, motion sickness abated.

But 21st-century children can't go for more than six minutes without staring at a mobile device, which has brought car sickness back big-time.

Citroen owners are being offered a potential solution in the form of "Seetroen" glasses, which have the technology to keep motion sickness at bay.

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I say "Citroen owners" but actually anybody can buy them. It's just that (a) you get them at Citroen dealerships and (b) Citroen people are probably the most likely to embrace what is an innovative but challenging-looking product.

We've written about the $199 Seetroen glasses before but now we've actually tried them. On children. Mine.

The Seetroen glasses surround your face with four transparent circular rings, which contain liquid visible to the wearer. Essentially the rings create a false horizon which recalibrates your senses.

You don't wear them for a whole journey. You're supposed to wait until you feel unwell, then put them on for 10-12 minutes. In that time the eyes can reconcile staring at an immovable object with the motion perceived by the inner ear.

They do work, but you might be worried about the challenge of actually getting children (only suitable for kids over 10) to wear them. Because they look rather... interesting.

For what it's worth, my junior citizens (13 and 17) were both happy to put the Seetroen glasses on because they thought they looked hilarious. The novelty value might wear thin, but once your children figure out that wearing them can actually stop the horrendous feeling of car sickness, it won't be an issue.


While my children were happy to wear them and even enjoyed the attention they got from pedestrians staring into the car (a Citroen C3 Aircross, which attracts more than its share of attention anyway), what they were not willing to do was be photographed in them.

Anyway, with the help of this product you can watch your iPad (which is always more interesting than actual scenery, ask any child) until your brain melts from social media and YouTube videos and not feel sick. Not from motion, anyway.

And the glasses are high fashion if that helps. Kind of. They were designed by a Parisian collective called 5.5.

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